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Most Expected Spirited Away 2 Release Date Still Has No Updates!

The award-winning animated film Spirited Away which has been both written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki is a fantasy-based film that has been one of the most famous animated movies of the time till today. It was released in 2001 and was widely praised and acclaimed for all the good reasons be it in terms of story, animation, or any other aspect one could think of.

It went on to win the Academy Award and became the first ever non-English film of animation to win the award. Along with this it also won other awards and became the top-rated animated film which was taken over by Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train in 2020. Being one of the most popular films it is much obvious that the fans have been waiting for a new part even now and that is what we are going to discuss today.

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

One of the most loved animated films of the time which was talked about so much on the internet and otherwise, that is Spirited Away, it is much obvious that everyone has been wanting a second part of the film and have been interested to know what is going to happen in the new story. But unfortunately, the makers have not released anything as of now about the film or the idea of the second part yet. I know you all have been expecting the sequel for a long time but we cannot say when the movie will be released or whether it will be released at all or not. This brings us to the conclusion that for the time being there is no Spirited Away 2 on the list.

Name of the MovieSpirited Away
Part NumberPart 2
GenreAnime, Adventure
Spirited Away Release Date 20 July 2001
Spirited Away 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Spirited Away 2 Overview

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Spirited Away 2 Story

The award-winning story Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki is based on the story of Chihiro Ogino, a child aged 10 years old. She is on a mission in the world of Kami which is a world of spirit in order to rescue her parents. Well, why is she trying to rescue her parents? It is because they have been turned into pigs by a witch named Yubaba after they ate at a mysterious restaurant. She gets to meet Haku, a boy who can turn into a dragon. He is a young boy who is helping and keeping Chihiro safe and sound in the spirited world from unknown and spooky characters while she is on a mission and encounters them. Now, what do you think, about how the movie ends?

Well, to find out the end, give watch the movie and find out whether she will be able to find her parents or not and how she returns to the real world if she is able to or not. Well, since we do not know whether the sequel film will be released or not and the makers have also not released anything about it which also applies to the story as well. But if anything will be released by the team, we will let you know immediately because we are keeping an eye on all the updates. So, you just keep enjoying the film and watch it as much as you want.

Spirited Away 2 Characters

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

The characters of the Japanese animated film Spirited Away which has been one of the most famous fantasy films of the time it was released include uniquely designed and characterized characters that make the film so much more interesting and successful.

The list of characters includes Chihiro Ogino voiced by Rumi Hiiragi (Japanese) and Daveigh Chase (English), Haku or the Spirit of the Kohaku River voiced by Miyu Irino (Japanese) and Jason Marsden (English), Yubaba, Zeniba both voiced by Mari Natsuki (Japanese) Suzanne Pleshette (English), Kamaji voiced by Bunta Sugawara (Japanese) and David Ogden Stiers (English), Lin voiced by Yoomi Tamai (Japanese) and Susan Egan (English) and Chichiyaku voiced by Tsunehiko Kamijo (Japanese) and Paul Eiding (English).

It also includes Aniyaku voiced by Takehiko Ono (Japanese) and John Ratzenberger (English), No-Face voiced by Akio Nakamura (Japanese) and Bob Bergen (English), Aogaeru Tatsuya Gashuin (Japanese) and Bob Bergen (English), Bandai-gaeru voiced by Yo Oizumi (Japanese) and Rodger Bumpass (English), Boh voiced by Ryunosuke Kamiki (Japanese) and Tara Strong (English), Akio Ogino voiced by Takashi Naito (Japanese) and Mi, Yuko Ogino, River Spirit, and Radish Spirit.

Spirited Away 2 Trailer

Spirited Away 2 is not on the schedule for the time being which also means that there is no trailer for the sequel of the film. But this does not mean that you cannot watch a trailer especially if you are new to the film. If you haven’t watched the film right now then do not worry because you can watch a trailer that is available on the official YouTube channel IMDb. The trailer will give you all an idea that how the movie is going to be and why it has become an award-winning film.

Where To Watch Spirited Away 2 Online?

If you have decided to watch the film after watching the trailer and reading the story or would like to rewatch the film again then let me tell you where you can watch the film. The film is available on HBO Max, Netflix, and in terms of the sequel, we cannot say where you can watch it because it is still not confirmed when the film will be released or whether it will be released or not. So, for the time being, we cannot tell you where the film can be viewed. However, this does not mean that you cannot watch the film, especially a film which is as good as this.

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