Star Wars Resistance Season 3 Release Date Updates

Star Wars Resistance is an animated science fiction produced by Lucasfilm Animation. It is based on the movie Star Wars by ‘George Lucas’. This series has 2 seasons and a total of 40 episodes. It was first aired on 7th October 2018, on Disney XD and Disney channel. Resistance is one of the best Star Wars of the last few years. It didn’t try to be like other shows and is completely original and unique. It’s a slow-paced series at the start but it gets better. The resistance in Star Wars is a movement or force in opposition to the First Order. General Leia Organa led the resistance. The resistance was inspired by Rebel Alliance. Some junior pilot’s parents like Poe Dameron, served the Rebel Alliance 30 years ago. The First Order is a military dictatorship which formed after the fall of the Old Empire. The fallen Empire was very deep in space, in unexplored hidden places of the galaxy. The resistance is a faction that took action against the threat, is the main protagonist in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The first appearance of Resistance was in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was released in 2015. It can also be seen in the movies; Star Wars: The Last Jedi of 2017 and The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. They did a new approach with the art style, which the fans really found quite good. Their main focus is on the characters and not the story itself. The series is slow but it was intentional as they had to show the rebuilding of characters. It is a really fun series; people should just give it a chance by not judging harshly. It has a rating of 3/5 on the common source and 5/10 on IMDb. After two seasons Star Wars fans are anxiously waiting for Star Wars Resistance Season 3 release date. And here we have all the information that you want, so, read the whole article below.

Star Wars Resistance Season 3 Release date

Star Wars Resistance
Star Wars Resistance

Unfortunately, there will not be any season 2. According to the producers, the resistance has come to an end and there is no point in continuing the series. Some sources tell that there may be a season 3 which will be released on 29 October 2021.

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Star Wars Resistance Plot

The first half of season 1 was slow but it was meant to be that way because it had to show the buildup of Kaz as a spy. Kaz was not so good before but slowly he became a capable member of the Resistance. The anime presentation is very artistic and colorful. The representation of the space and the prototype gets better as the season ends. Kaz gets assigned to the colossus to work as an undercover spy. His mission is to reveal the evil plans of the First Order. The big thing that happened in season 1; Tam Ryvora, one of the heroes, joined the First Order. In season 2, we see Tam Ryvora struggle with the choice she made. This happens in the episode ‘Rebuilding the Resistance’.

Even after acknowledging the danger for her friends, she continues to try to do her work for the First Order. The situation got a twist which created havoc for her. She was charged for the murder of her squadron leader. Meanwhile, Rucklin fired and blasted an unarmed space shuttle, which killed innocent recruits of Resistance. After witnessing such an incident, Tam got disappointed in making a choice of joining First Order. She regretted her decision. Season 2 is the conclusion of the story, as it shows the Rise of SkyWalker. Star Wars Resistance, season 1 provides insight into how the resistance rebuilds after they were destroyed in the Last Jedi. Season 2, is all about exploring the galaxy. We see the Colossus traveling to different planets and places around the galaxy. They try to invade the First order and destroy them.

Star Wars Resistance Characters

Star Wars Resistance
Star Wars Characters

Kazuda Xiono – the main character, Torra Doza, Poe Dameron, Neeku Vozo, and Jace Rucklin – of first-order who fired on the unarmed shuttle of Resistance. Some other characters; Jarek Yaeger, Tam Ryvora, Boo Kevil, Captain Plasma, Princess Leia, Hype Fazon, Synara San, Captain Immanuel Doza, Griff Halloren, Elrik Vonreg, Agent Tierny, Captain Kragan Gor, Aunt Z, Orka, Freya Fenris, Jak Shivrak, Hamato Xiono, Hugh Sion, Lt. Galek, Mia Gabbon, Lin Gaava, Gorek Wiles, Bolza Grool, Glem, etc.

Star Wars Resistance Trailer

The trailers for season 1 and season 2 of Star Wars Resistance are available on the Official Youtube channel. Or if you want to watch the whole series then you can watch it here on Star Wars.

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