Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 

Hello to the viewers of one of the most popular American police procedural television series, NCIS, we are again back with another article on this television series that never let the fans feel bored or disappointed but something unexpected was announced regarding this series which made the fans left in utter disappointment, and I am sure you are also aware of that unexpected incident, right? I am talking about none other than the departure of the most popular character of this series, Leroy Jethro Gibbs who was played by the popular actor Mark Harmon.

Before telling you the exact reason why Harmon left the series and all the information related to his departure, let me get you all the essential information about this particular series. NCIS is one of the longest-running American police procedural television series which was first released on September 23, 2003, it’s been more than one decade since the series got released but not even a single season was boring, every season of this series gained so many positive reviews from the public but the departure of Mark Harmon changed the opinions of the viewers.

Overall, The series has 20 seasons and 440 episodes, and this Action, thriller, and Police Procedural series is created by Don McGill and Donald P. Bellisario, and produced by David Bellisario and Avery C. Drewe. Usually, people lose interest after watching almost 3 or 4 seasons of any particular series but in the case of NCIS which is also known as Naval Criminal Investigative Service the situation is kind of different, it indeed has 20 seasons but fans never lose interest in watching this show which is why many new viewers are curious to know more things about this series and they also know that Mark Harmon is not a part of this show anymore but some of them do not have any idea why he left the show if you are also having trouble to find out the reason behind the departure of Mark Harmon then keep scrolling down to learn all the stuff that you need to know.

Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 

Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 
Mark Harmon

Sometimes some cast members leave the show for good reasons sometimes they leave forcefully, when Mark Harmon left NCIS many fans started asking various kinds of questions, there were so many “whys” that fans asked but we did not get any specific answer at that time, thankfully now we do have detailed information about the departure of Mark Harmon.

When Mark Harmon left he did not say anything exactly, fans expected that he would say the reason on social network sites but nothing like that happened, since then fans had been waiting for the day to see Mark Harmon talking about his departure from NCIS and the exact reason.

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Do you have any idea why he left that show? Well, I suppose you do not know, you are not the only one who is kind of clueless, we all were clueless but now we have the exact information about why he left. In the special episode for the 19th season DVD, we got to see Mark Harmon and his opinions about the show as well as his character.

We got to know that he decided to leave the show in the 18th season but he knew if he would leave the show at that time there where would be no more seasons of this show because it is obvious that it will not only affect the storyline but also the fans will not be satisfied with his departure news, well fans are still sad for his departure but they did not fail to shower the 20th season with love and support, the way the character of Gibbs had a good ending made the fans really happy but they wanted to see him in the 20th season too.

But we can say that Mark is still a part of this show because he is one of the executive producers of NCIS and the rest of the executive producers are Mark Horowitz, George Schenck, and Chas. Floyd Johnson, Gary Glasberg, Frank Cardea, Shane Brennan, Steve D. Binder, and Donald P. Bellisario. So even though he is not a part of the star cast line anymore, he is still a part of the show because he is one of the executive producers, as I have highlighted above.

It is also believed that Kelly Kahl, who is the president of CBS has mentioned that Mark can join the show anytime and the doors to the show are always open to him, after learning the statements of Kelly Kahl fans are highly expecting to see Mark Harmon back to the show, well, the show does feel empty without our favorite character played by our one of the most favorite actors, Mark Harmon. What do you think about this? Do you feel like he will come back to the show?

What is the Storyline of NCIS? 

Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 

The story of NCIS is very interesting as it shows about the criminal cases being solved by the team of NCIS. If you are someone who loves to watch crime and procedural drama series then this one should be on your watchlist.

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Will Mark Harmon Never Come Back to NCIS? 

Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 
Mark Harmon

Till, now we don’t have any official information about his coming back to the show but if in the future he feels like returning to the show then maybe he will be back, for now, we can only expect to see his comeback in this show.

The Cast of NCIS

Why Did Mark Harmon Leave NCIS? 

There are so many things that are bothering the viewers of NCIS, and questioning the star cast of the upcoming seasons is one of them. After the end of the 19th season of NCIS, fans were very disappointed because they could not see their favorite character in the series again, we all know that the 19th season got started on September 20, 2021, and ended on May 23, 2022, we are also aware of the fact that after the 19th season we will not get to see our favorite character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the upcoming seasons.

The 20th season got released last month, on September 19, 2022, and if is still ongoing, when it was announced there will be the 20th season of NCIS fans were happy but they were more devastated to know that Mark Harmon won’t be a part of the 20th season, we usually feel like that when our favorite character or star cast leave our favorite show so we usually lost our interest to continue the series just like that the viewers of NCIS are facing the same heartbreak.

It would be a lie to say that the 20th season of NCIS is not that good, the series is doing really great but there is an emptiness while watching the 20th season because our favorite character Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not a part of it. There are many fans who have not seen the 20th season but want to know the star cast of the 20th season, they are curious to know whether the star cast is still the same after the departure of Mark Harmon, well it is still the same and there are quite changes in the 20th season.

The overall star cast of NCIS includes Jill Czarnowski, Melinda McGrew, Tim Kelleher, Mary Mouser, Jamie Lee Curtis, Damon Dayoub, Elayn J. Taylor, Diane Neal, Matt Jones, Scott William Winters, Jack Fisher, Rena Sofer, Leslie Hope, Michelle Pierce, Darby Standfield, Merik Tardos, Michael Nouri, Rudolf Martin, Matt Craven, Susanna Thompson, Juliette Angelo, Sarah Jane Morris, Ralph Waite, Marco Sanchez.

Pam Dawber, Alan Dale, Stephanie Mello, Robert Wagner, Liza Lapira, Laura San Giacomo, Connie Jackson, Kent Shocknek, Jennifer Esposito, Gary Cole, Muse Watson, Scottie Thompson, Margo Harshman.

Pancho Demmings, David Dayan Fisher, Diona Reasonover, Maria Bello, Lauren Holly, Joe Spano, Sasha Alexander, Duane Henry, Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen, Rocky Carroll, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Emily Wickersham, Wilmer Valderrama, David McCallum, Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette and many more are there. Who is your most favorite character after Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon)? 

Where To Watch NCIS Online? 

NCIS is available on many streaming sites and apps but if you are someone who is new to this series and do not have where to watch this legally and stream the whole show then let me give you the solution to your issue. NCIS is available on Amazon Prime Video, you can stream the show there without any trouble.

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