Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 News!

Wondering when will Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 release? Talking about another anime Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? is one of the most awkward emotion-provoking anime showing teachers and students ending up in an embarrassing situation. This anime is definitely an adult anime and can’t be considered suitable for kids. And looking at the story of the series, it’s truly not interesting stuff to watch out for, as we can’t really fetch out the values which they want to add in their viewer’s mind, and really is based on adult content.

The series Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? definitely had great work regarding animations and its background music I’d truly be nostalgic, which really shows the efforts and hard work put in by the production house in the series. The characters were also good but the theme of the story was really very strange and just was intended to increase the viewership of the series.

Overall, it was an average series showing the awkward situations and students ending up being coupled to their teachers. This show definitely must not be watched by the little kids or viewers in their early teens, as it’s totally an adult-based series. And I would suggest that don’t waste your spare time watching such type of series until you really crave to have a flavor of adult content in anime series.

This series Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? is surely going to disappoint those viewers wanting some strong theme-based anime. And interestingly, viewers are still expecting its second season which we’ll be discussing below. So, here are all the details we know about Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 Release Date

The anime series was aired from April 8, 2019, to June 24, 2019, on Tokyo MX, BS11, and AT-X with a run of a total of 12 plus OVA (episodes). It was produced by tear studio. The release date of the second season of the anime is really hard to predict precisely, as the world of anime is full of uncertainty and unexpected release not the new seasons of any series. And this series definitely didn’t cross a significant amount of viewership. But still, some fans of the anime are expecting its second season to be announced in the last trimester, not the year 2022.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 Story

The story of the whole series revolves around a boy named Ichiro Sato who keeps finding himself in really awkward situations with his young teacher named kana Kojima, who had a reputation of being a “demon”, due to her behavior with other students. But as the series continues, you’ll find many students coupled with their teachers and that’s the whole theme of the anime.

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Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 Cast

Ichiro Sato voiced by Ryota Suzuki is a 17 years old third-year student of kawanuma west high school and he often finds himself in awkward situations with his teacher named kana Kojimo. He is really a good student who is prepared to go to university to complete his graduation.

Run Suzuki voiced by toshiki Masuda is a second-year student at kawanuma west and has a scary appearance and he is a friend of Sato since they were together in junior high. His frightening appearance is due to his size and his eyes. Sato persuades run to try to have new friends while he is graduating and start to spend more time with kana. He finds himself often in awkward situations with teacher Maya Matsu Kaze and they end up being married after two years.

Saya Matsu Kaze voiced by Yuka otsubo is the younger sister of Mayu and is also a student at kawanuma west and a council treasurer too. She wears glasses and is more attentive than her careless sister and later becomes president of the student council.

Takashi Takahashi voiced by kazutoni Yamamoto is a first-year student and student council treasurer at kawanuma west. He is a neighbor to hazakura sensei and calls her hike. He is always treated like a kid by her but eventually, they started dating and ended up being a couple.

Ko Tanaka voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi is a friend of Sato and Suzuki from junior high and is a third-year student at kawanuma east .he swears to have girlfriends, three months before graduating. But ended up in an embarrassing situation with Tachibana and eventually confessed his feelings in front of her.

Yorito Ito was a first-year student at kawanuma west and had a crush on saya who was a third-year student at the same high school but he ended up quite often in embarrassing situations with Francesca Homura.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher? Season 2 Trailer

The status of the series is the same as of the announcement of the release of its second season but fans of the series are expecting that the second season must have more different characters rather than only teachers and students and have much more interesting story, and will surely be successful in diminishing the bad image of the previous season of the series.

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