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How Does Blue Lock End: Will Blue Lock Anime Return With A New Volume?

When it comes to watching new episodes of a well-liked anime series? Then, you may be familiar with the Blue Lock anime series. For those who are unaware, Blue Lock is a recent and well-liked sports-based manga series whose major source of inspiration for its storyline was its original book series.

To give you a brief idea of the manga franchise, this new series’ storyline concentrates on a group of characters that seem to compete with the strongest striker in the world.

All of this will be made into anime based on the hugely successful manga franchise that gained a lot of traction and was especially beloved by people who enjoy watching sports-themed movies.

Speaking about the series, it debuted as an anime after being published as a manga. Then there is the anime franchise, which has fetched a staggering 16 million copies. Here you will find all the information you want if you enjoy viewing the anime franchise:

Will Blue Lock Anime Return With A New Volume?

How Does Blue Lock End

If you enjoy watching the Blue Lock manga series, you must be among those who are eagerly anticipating the release of new volumes.

Will it eventually reach its conclusion? We now have a strong feeling that the Blue Lock series, a brand-new manga franchise, won’t be having an ending when it comes to its volumes anytime soon.

Additionally, if you’re a fan, the news that there will be additional new volumes of the franchise to watch may be music to your ears.

You must watch through a cumbersome 22 volumes, or around 190 chapters if you haven’t already watched the series. The 22 volumes must still be watched in their entirety, therefore before the new volumes are released, let’s learn more about this series and start watching it.

However, if you want to receive a brief overview of the franchise’s history before viewing it, check out the following section.

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Summary Of What Has Happened In The Block Lock Franchise 

Let’s begin with the first chapter from the first volume right away to give you a brief overview of the entire 22 volumes or 190 chapters.

So, when the narrative began, we saw the beginnings of the Neo Egoist League Arc, in which Jinpachi Ego was seen making claims about the U-20 World Cup match, which will take place for 100 days.

After the U-20 World Cup was revealed, a report included several candidates with the former U-20 Japanese squad, who have reunited to compete in this event once more. The first episode of the series came to a close with this.

Then, in the second segment, we saw a total of 45 participants along with a wild card player who was in charge of providing these athletes with the required training and preparing them for the game.

And it won’t be easy for Japan since they’ll be up against some of the top teams in the world, like France’s Paris X Gen, Germany’s Bastard Muchen, England’s Manshine City, and Spain’s FC Barcha.

The top 45 players were picked and taken for the U-20 World Up as the applicants received their training. We only got to witness the series reach the general audience up to this point.

Now that you’re wondering what to expect from the upcoming volumes, we’ve got you covered once more.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Volumes Of Blue Lock?

How Does Blue Lock End

If we talk about what will happen next in the upcoming volumes, then we can say that the next will be the airing of the 22nd chapter of Blue Lock, which will be titled Heard of Swora.

In this chapter, we will see Muchen defeat Manshine City by a score of 3-2, and this victory was only made possible because Yoichi Isagi helped Yukimiya Kenyu, who helped the team defeat FC Barcha and Manshine City.

With this, we can speculate that the upcoming volumes will be possible to give more focus to the Isagi Yukimiya and how they have their involvement in winning the matches with their other competing and in fact strong teams.


The anime version has 8.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

FAQs For Blue Lock Upcoming Volumes

1. Does Blue Lock have death?

Well, it’s not a death game sort of manga series, and here you will be getting the feel of the sports spirit and love for the country. So, here there won’t be any events covering about intentional death of any players or other characters in the series. 

2. Is Blue Lock anime complete?

No, there are a lot more volumes that will be soon making their way to release. As of now, only the first 22 volumes of the manga series have been released to the public.

3. Does Japan win in Blue Lock?

We have many comments on social media which say that the events in Blue Lock are based on a true event and fans have been strongly sharing the possibility of Japan winning the U-20 World Cup.

4. Is Blue Lock a true story?

There have been a lot of speculations from the real fans of the series that the story of Blue Lock has been inspired by a true story and also the events about the clashes happening with Rensuke Kunigami were based on real events.

5. What arc is Blue Lock on?

The arc in Blue Lock stands for Neo Egoist League Arc where you get to see the best of the best U-20 teams from Germany, England, Spain, Japan, Italy, and France participate in the event.

6. Who is the tallest person in Blue Lock?

The character named Hayate is identified as the tallest person in the entire franchise. He has been identified as a young man having spiky white hair and wide-open eyes.

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