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15 Best Time Travel Series On Netflix That Should Be A Must Watch!

Time Travel series are something every web show buff like. And yes, You are not imagining it! There is one of the Best Time Travel Series On Netflix that you should watch right away. I have done a well done researched and provided you with the list of 15 Best Time Travel Series On Netflix that you should watch. The streaming giant, Netflix has commissioned great time travel series and k dramas are one of them, Yes, Kdramas! K dramas are not just loved stories anymore, there is plenty of content available on time travel that will blow your mind.

When you are new to web shows, you will be watching lots of love and romantic shows for a while and will get bored of them soon. The next thing will be something action or scientific, you might watch that for some time. The next genre that you will jump into will be time travel and confusing series and believe me, this is going to be the best that you would ever expect. And from here, there’s going to be no next jumping, you are going to stay right there. So, here are the best time travel series on Netflix you must watch-

1. Dark

So, you might have heard about the German series, Dark. Netflix went into the German show’s market by bringing a great time travel series, Dark. The storyline of the show is basic, it’s about four families who share a dark past and present together. You might be wondering what’s it? No, that’s not it. Every episode will confuse you, the show consists of two alternative worlds and each alternative world consists of the present, past, and future of every character, this might confuse you many times.

Things start to change when two children from a small town in Germany went missing. As the four families search for kids, their dark past is explored. The show consists of lots of turns and twists and a web of curious characters. Seriously, the show will make you confused every time you watch it, but believe me, it will be fun to get confused. The show has great supernatural elements and very entertaining.

NOTE- You have to watch this show With full concentration, otherwise you wouldn’t understand it ^^

2. Travelers

This Canadian show has gained immense popularity over time. This sci-fi thriller show basically covers the story of a place which from hundred years in future, the people who survived developed something so that they could send consciousness back through time, which is directly into 21st century- They were called ‘Travelers’. All of them have divided themselves into teams so that they can develop and perform missions that could help them from coming disastrous future. So, they only have knowledge about their history and their secret social media profiles. But they realize that the 21st century doesn’t hold problems like missions only, personal relationships can be jeopardized too.

The show’s plotline will totally keep you hooked up until the end. The characters in the show have been created and cast very beautifully, and it won’t feel like they are doing it just as a character, it would seem very very Natural.

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3. Outlander

Inspired by a very great book ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon, Claire Randall who served as a nurse in the British army in World war 2 is happy and enjoying her second honeymoon with Frank, her husband. He is an MI6 officer who will be an Oxford historian soon. But events took a turn when she is sent to 1743 where her life and her freedom are in danger. And just to survive, she has to marry Jamie Fraser, who is a strapping scots warrior with an unresolved and complicated past. And now, Claire is stuck between two inharmonious life and two totally different men. She is now in the worst situation in her life.

This time travel series has totally adopted a different concept and that’s why gained popularity. Everything in the show is great, the characters, the cast, the cinematography, Everything! I would really suggest watching this if you love time travel shows.

4. Tunnel

This Korean crime thriller web show is a must watch for you, if you came here looking for time travel series. The show first Premiered on the 25th of March 2017. It gained a great fanbase since then, which definitely includes me ^^

A detective in the show has given the case of a serial killer, so he teams up with other detectives to find the culprit. Sounds easy plot, right? The twist here is that he goes 30 years into the future to find the serial killer with his team members in that time span. K-dramas always make you watch it when they are Rom-coms right? Some of the critics said it had romance in it, but fans declined this by mentioning it just described Love at some parts and is not like rom-com k dramas, so you have to watch this right away.

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5. The Umbrella Academy

If you are a fan of Superhero characters then you will surely fall in love with The umbrella Academy. Moreover, the show has a unique storyline, and time travel is the core element that is done almost in every episode, it’s not just any other basic Time travel or Superhero movie but I am sure this one might be the best choice if you are searching for something superpower and time travel related. The show has a total of 2 seasons and the third one might release by the end of 2021. I remember stumbling on its first episode through the browse on Netflix and then I was lost for a week watching the show, strongly recommended.

6. Erased

Erased kdrama

Adapted from a manga series, the show first premiered on Netflix in December 2017. The show has been adapted from the anime series, Erased and if you have watched the anime then that’s totally Equal to this show. The one difference between the two is that one has anime characters in it and the show has a human cast in it. Basically, the story has been kept exactly the same. The show revolves around Satoru, who has the power to travel through time. Events took some turn when his mom was killed and he just wanted her mother to never die. So he travels 18 years back for a chance to prevent the death of his mother and his three other classmates.

The show has covered every aspect and usually, people do not like an adaptation of anime as anime adaptations never turn out to be good, but this is an exception and I would surely suggest you watch this show. You will really not feel that you wasted your time.

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7. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

The story is about a detective Who is a CIA agent, his job is to confiscate people with strangle abilities, and guess you are right our protagonist is a time traveler who has abilities no one else has. But to the twist, it’s not just something basic Cat and a mouse chance instead the story is filled with drama and revelations that might give goosebumps at times.

8. Twice Upon A Time

Best Time Travel Series On Netflix

This French show was first premiered on the 12th of February 2019 and is still ongoing. Premiering on Netflix the show is romantic drama Time Travel series. The story basically revolves around Vincent Dauda who is still healing from a breakup. The events took a turn when he receives a package in his front door with mysterious properties in it. The package also mentioned that he could get a chance to win back Louise, his ex. These mysterious properties also included some time traveling powers. Though the show has a basic storyline, you might love watching it if you are into romantic series.

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9. Tomorrow, With You

Best Time Travel Series On Netflix

As I already mentioned above, K dramas without romance just seem uncompleted, and I also mentioned earlier that there are very few shows in k dramas that are based on time travel. Tomorrow, with you is romantic plus A Time Travel series that you must add to your watchlist. Consisting of 16 episodes the show first premiered on the 3rd of February 2017.

The show revolves around Yoo So Joon who is a real estate CEO, who basically uses his time-traveling power to travel through time to marry Song Ma Rin, a photographer so that he could change his future. The story of this show seems very basic but I would really suggest you watch this once. The connection between both the characters will make it a key point for you to sit till the end of the show plus the show has gained immense popularity in the world soon after it was released.

10. Sisyphus

Sisyphus is a recently released Korean drama Time Travel series that has everything in it, it has action, drama, thriller, mystery, science fiction, and a great connection between the characters. The show was premiered on the 17th of February 2021 on Netflix. Since then, it has gained a great fan base and the audience is now wondering when its season 2 could release.

Events took place where they have to introduce an engineer to very dangerous secrets and they also have to introduce the engineer to a woman who is from the future. The woman has come looking for him. I cannot write more of the story here as it will definitely be spoilers for you (I care about you). So, I would really suggest you watch this Korean drama as it has great cinematography too and you will just love its first season. The show has a very different storyline from the other as compared to other time travel series.

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11. Signal

So I have listed a lot of k-dramas in the time travel genre and you might be wondering that it’s fake, but trust me, I have watched all of these shows and I am giving you genuine reviews on what you should watch and what you should not. Korean industries have brought a fabulous range of time travel series that I am listing here and now you would definitely get out of the myth that Korean dramas are only Rom-coms.

The signal is another time travel Korean show that released in 2016. So, there is a detective in 1989 and a cold case profiler in 2015 who both are working together to solve a series of related murders. And how do they do that? They are using a special walkie-talkie to communicate with each other and trying to solve these murder cases that have been happening in the span of three decades. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

Let me make it more interesting by telling you that this series is basically inspired by a true incident that occurred in South Korea in Hwaseong. The time travel is fictional but the cases depicted in the show happened in 10 women who were brutally raped and murdered within a 2-kilometer radius from a 13-year-old schoolgirl to a 71-year-old grandmother.

12. Alice

Alice is a South Korean TV series and was released on 28 August 2020. The plot of the story is very basic. A police detective who was investigating a murder in the show and meanwhile doing it he discovers the existence of time travelers. From here the story continues and he keeps exploring how these time travelers are coming in future and then going back to the past. The show got a 7.1 from IMDb. This science-fiction show has gained enough popularity for its second season.

13. Always A Witch

This show might not have received a great rating, but I would suggest it to watch once. A 19-year-old girl, Carmen who is a witch and a slave and is in love with a white man. In her World, she isn’t supposed to that, it’s a crime, and she will be burnt. But she receives some time before she was burnt, so an old wizard gives her the ability to travel through time. She tells her to jump at a time where no one used to believe in witches. When Carmen agrees that she would just use her powers to see that, the old wizard sends her to modern-day Colombia. In Colombia, she starts her brand new life and meets new people and makes new friends, and also goes to college. But one thing that hasn’t changed is- Once a witch always a witch.

The plot of the show is very very different and I would definitely recommend watching this show. You will love Angely Gaviria playing the role of Carmen.

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14. Merlin

Best Time Travel Series On Netflix

BBC network released Merlin on 28th September 2008. This action-packed fantasy drama revolves around King Arthur and his Wizard, Merlin. It focused on both the characters when they were very young and they were struggling to understand what their destination is. In this story, Prince Arthur is known to be the throne’s heir. Merlin is acquainted with everyone who will one day create the legend of Camelot. This includes Lancelot, Morgana, and Guinevere. Melin also has to deal with King Uther’s great purge. He basically bans the use of all kinds of magic.

Merlin will definitely take to you a very different tale and has an incredible cast. And if you talk about the theme song you will definitely love each and every music of the show. With gorgeous sets and costumes, you will love to see Merlin and Arthur’s bromance in the show. It will definitely relate you to the reality that happens in our daily life.

15. The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is an American western space web show that has gained immense popularity all over the world. Created by Jon Favreau the show did its shooting in space (chill, not real). Pedro Pascal has been as The Mandalorian after the empire is defeated by Rebel forces, The Mandalorian, the bounty hunter and a very strong personality who is operating in outer Rim, away from the New Republic goes on too different risky and surprising adventures. The story covers how he tackles the situations that come in front of him, You will see Pedro Pascal in his best role ever.

Okay, so the genre of the show is the space western genre, who wouldn’t love that? And you would have sympathized with a number of characters in a web series, say, the game of thrones, but it took time, in this show it wouldn’t. And yes I am giving you some spoilers here so you can skip if you want to, Yoda Lives! Yes, he does and who wouldn’t love watching that. This is totally a space-packed show that will keep you hooked to your chair till the end.

So, these were the list for Best Time Travel Series On Netflix, I hope this must be very helpful for you.

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